COLA GOA- A Secret Paradise

Getting bored to the core sitting at home ,the destination was set as GOA!When you say Goa only one thing comes to mind-Beer and Beaches.Well, this time we decided we just back pack and drive wherever the GPS takes us. Nothing planned or booked.We embarked on our trip.



On reaching South Goa after crossing Palolem we decided we will not take the Margao route.So we took the inner route along the Palolem beach, GPS showed some dirt trail and we took those dirt and muck filled track just to explore whats there as it was close to sea as shown in GPS .We kept driving blindly and we reached a fork and we kept left and followed the dirt trail and now even GPS stopped showing the route and on the map the roads had just vanished.But infront of us,we could see few more dirt trail..We kept following one of the trails and we reached one rocky edge of a cliff….



(Dirt Trails)

Oh boy !It was one breathtaking magnificent view..








We parked our jeep and explored the area and found couple of cars parked. We were wondering where the occupants were? Here and there after scouting we saw a rocky path going down the cliff. We decided to go down and found a well nestled resort and several huts perched. One guy saw us wandering around and asked do you have booking?I was like what booking? Later realised there are  few camps down and could be pre-booked. We went down and found one nice cozy place surrounded with coconut trees ,wrapped around a lagoon connecting the ocean.You reach the wooden huts by walking over a bridge over a cove .


(Climb down the Cliff)

I was not comfortable with the parking as we had just abandoned our jeep over the cliff.Later we came to know there is one more dirt rail which goes all the way to the resort from the other side. They sent one guy with us for the route and we parked out Jeep.

The beauty of the place enchants while entering the property.Everything was built using natural elements being very sympathetic to the environment.Offered seclusion and privacy .

They have around 8 huts. ,Beautifully crafted overlooking the lagoon. Its an all inclusive package they have with simple spread of breakfast/lunch and dinner.Not much of a variety, but who cares, it keeps ones tummy happy while you get engrossed with the surrounding.



Sunset is a must to witness from this very picturesque location, that keeps one hobby photographer busy!The masseur on site  is great as heard and one can check out as a brand new person at the end.

IMG_4432 copyIMG_4278 copy

Evenings you can see the place getting slightly crowded with all kids playing around lagoon and other tourists visiting the spot.Along side lagoon, at the resturant, One can have a stressfree life gulping a chilled beer and witness the sunset..


IMG_4181 copy

The place is shut for monsoons and all huts will be demolished and rebuilt again .The crew at the place are brilliant..great service! They make sure you  are comfortable.Wifi is there at Dining area and is very weak.Bar is available.Prices are slightly on the north side, given the location its justified!While signing the guest book, heard few Hollywood actors had camped here, as the owner of the resort Clemente is a guy who does recce for movie shoot locations and thats how he found this place.Throughout the stay, you are given company by insects inside the room.So whom to manage -insects or wife/GF’s is left to you :)If one is looking for night life or party.This place is a big no..This place has no provisions for it.Let us be wise by not spoiling the beauty ..




(Other establishments)

IMG_4198 copy

(Evening stroll)

Later,next day we left the place rejuvenated and  visited the Old Goa ,Did island hopping by ferrying the jeep across the Diwar island..Saw beautiful old churches and Portuguese style houses.Returned back to the much noisy place of Goa-Baga and reached a place called Calungute and stayed at a apartment and departed to Mangalore the next day .

(Jeep being ferried)


Random images taken at Diwar Island

Weekend well spent 🙂


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