Dubai SKYDIVE- Bucket list tick

Middle of the ocean, sailing… I got this itch to fly. Sky dive was In my bucket list!Decided I will go to Dubai and skydive as soon I get off the ship as I had seen couple of my friends dive video. I discussed the same with my brother as I needed his credit card to book the slot.My brother too interested and had just joined bank and started earning. Being tight on pockets initially ,he politely asked me to sponsor his dive and said he will accompany me for which I obliged.Had to sell 1 kidney though for the jump ,but I was sure after the jump it would regenerate !

All set, asked my dads friend in Dubai ,who is a Lama travel manager.A noted Travel agency in Dubai. He arranged all our stay and visa. We booked our Skydive slot @Dubai Skydive online website.

After my sign off from the ship ,Skydive dates approached way too fast .We left Mangalore and reached Dubai just to hear the weather in Dubai is bad, visibilty is bad. We kept continuously monitoring the weather forecasts and all looked negative.

Heavy heart we went to Palm sky dive centre and saw few other participants cancelling their dives.They offered us to go to desert centre and try our luck there or else we can initiate our refund. We decided we will visit desert centre which was good 50 kms .Took Uber and rushed to desert centre just to hear weather is getting bad but few jumps possible.Without wasting much time, we did our paper work and signed the waiver, where you sign your life away and not hold anyone the liability in case of the worst .

All set , we were assigned our tandem dive partners who briefed us about the dive scenarios/body positions and were waiting for the flight .

Soon one dive training batch returned without any jump and said its too windy . Soon the centre changed the status to NO DIVE.

Dejected once again we asked for alternate option? They said you can try 2moro again or cancel.Dejected, I discussed with my brother the next plan of action -Go back to room or go back home.Going back to room and trying again would be a gamble..more days ..more stay… more expense. Worst we had our return flight booked.So we had window of 2 days to breathe. Whatever may come ,we decided we will stay and try our luck.

Once gain with heavy heart returned to the room .We knew this not going to happen and evening we went out with friends and had party and came back . Early morning we got up and first thing we noticed was clear skies, we had slight hangover over the last nights party..We went to desert centre and they said they will put us on the first lot . We were not excited after yesterdays episode and its too early to celebrate.

Once again new dive tandem divers assigned to us, briefing done and we were standby waiting for the flight.Felt finally its happening. Flight landed and we were onboard.They took our interview before jump and once we were 12000 altitude all were set to jump in sequence. Myself and the dive instructor along with the photographer  all strapped and ready for the dive.

After reaching the edge of the door and waiting for the pilots call to jump,past 30 years of my life came as a flash in front of my eyes. At the time of my dive my wife was carrying and she was almost 8 months. Negativity started clouding my vision.

When I was doing all the flashback ,my dive partner just pushed me outside the flight and we were tossed like feather in the sky .I could see the bottom of the flight and the turbine blades. Down I could see my photographer instructing me to give poses..I was like what the hell.





It was Dubai winters and damn cold at that altitude.The instructor had advised to wear a special suit and also said that its more fun without the suit.I opted for no suit..Man,I was crying for that suit after the jump ..Chill I felt was like 1000 needles pricking me ..200 km drop at 12000 ft made my skin look as if it will tear ..felt like someone ripping my skin out .Thats when I got the nasty jerk/ pull  when my dive partner activated the parachute.My only fear was of parachute not opening and once it opened, I felt sigh of relief and I was sure I will make it live to the bottom. It took 5 mins to manoeuvre the parachute to the ground.Had a nasty landing though ,but was fun.Through out the dive ,every moment was captured by the photographer who jumped along with us.

Once settled and recovered my photographer approached me and said he got good news and bad news . Asked him the bad news first -he said photos have not come and only video has come .. later asked him the good news-He said they are offering me one more free dive..woaahhhh…God must be crazy…After my brothers jump he came straight and said I am not doing this again …even if sponsored ha ha ha.

We left back with happy memories.

A bucket list TICK

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